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UNESCO INTERNATIONAL Year of Light workshops – 3rd July

The International Year of Light is a global initiative which highlighted to the world the importance of light and optical technologies in their lives, for their futures, and for the development of society. It is a unique opportunity to inspire, educate, and connect on a global scale.

Light is the means by which human beings see themselves, each other, and their place in the Universe. Light is an essential part of culture and art and is a unifying symbol for the world. The International Year of Light is the ideal instrument to ensure the necessary increased worldwide awareness of the central role of light in the present and in the future of us all. It promoted the presence of light in science and culture, and the importance of light-based technologies for the equitable development of global society. The project is not only about science, – light also touches on culture, history and education. Issues of sustainability and development are also of central importance.

University of Reading ArtLab Year of Light Workshop:

The workshop gave GCSE students the opportunity to create an art an technology installation/performance using various technologies including projected light, electronics kits with LED’s, and sound, based on the idea of discovering 20th Century paintings from light years away on the 3rd July 2215. The installation was recorded and a short video produced.

LightWorkshop3Young people from local Reading Schools were invited to create a collaborative installation consisting of 3 departments, Visuals, Narrative and Sound.

Below are the videos the groups created

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