Dear Tim,

We would like to mark your departure from the International Space Station with an exhibition that has been made by the children of Maiden Erlegh School in East Reading. The children are co-researchers in the ArtLab at the University of Reading working alongside artists and space scientists.

The children researched you and your achievements for inspiration and created artworks with clay and basic electronics to make some truly wonderful pieces. We have 3D-scanned the entire exhibition, which is now ready to be printed by the space station 3D printer. We imagined if the models were printed they could potentially be the first 3D-printed art exhibition in space.

Our aim is to help the world not only understand how important it is to strive to become scientists, engineers or even Astronauts, but also the role that culture plays in all our lives. There are many achievements that can be celebrated along the way, being one in 12,000 applicants to make it into Space for example, and we would like to celebrate your return to earth with a little gift of our own, an exhibition for the International Space Station Museum of Art! 

We hope that you like it, and that one-day we too can imagine our Art afloat in microgravity as it orbits the planet. As Professor John Martin of UCL once said

Life depends on Science, but the Arts make it worth living”.

Thanks for inspiring us to think about what might be possible.

From the pupils, students, artists and scientists on earth near a place called Reading.

Click on the titles below to download stl files for 3D-printing the exhibition Tim in Space

1)Tim in the space stationBlue2

2)Snorkelling Underwater CatBlueModel1

3)Space crabBlueModel3

4)Running in spaceBlueModel4


6)From Monkey to CarMonkeyCar


8)In the landscape Red2 9)UFO landingSaucer10)Rocket MountainTallThingWithEars11)PetDogPetDog

12)Ground Control to Major TimAblue1

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