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Children’s Christmas Lecture 2016

Children’s Christmas Lecture 2016 with ArtLab

Tuesday 13 December, 4.30pm – Palmer Building, Whiteknights campus

The ArtLab team had an absolute blast last Tuesday working with hundreds of children and ‘grown ups’ at the University’s Christmas Lecture.

An intrepid and lively audience, embarked on an awesome artistic adventure using each and everyone of their senses! They ate aromatic oranges whilst sketching on an undersea voyage, traveled through time to witness and to create ancient works of art in clay, saw the history of photography develop before their eyes and even digitally ‘shot’ the Vice-Chancellor in order to 3D print him!

It was a chance to share the unique and innovative approaches of creative inclusion and education at ArtLab. It showcased the teams research and how they are enabling widening participation in the arts using and applying technology.





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