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ArtLab @ MERL

Join Adam Stead and Dominique Green at The Museum of English Rural Life for the Digital Late!

ArtLab will be demonstrating an array of digital technologies as part of the Digital Late including ‘LittleBits Kits’, 3D pens, 3D scanning and 3D printing. Come and see the 3D printer in action, have a go at scanning and learn more about ArtLab initiatives on Thursday 18/5/2017!

As part of ArtLab@MERL Adam and Dominique will be presenting a collection of 3D printed objects which capture the archaeological landscape of Marden Henge, Wiltshire.

These explorations used 3D scanning technologies to capture the textural details of excavated trenches. 

Printed in brightly coloured plastics the printer builds the object by adding a single layer of material at a time working methodically from the ground up.

These unique objects are part of an ongoing research project which aims to exploit the possibilities that 3D capturing and re-production technology offers in the process of art making. 

This has enabled Adam and Dominique to re-imagine the prehistoric landscape of the henge, capturing a moment in time that is now lost from further excavations.

GET YOUR TICKETS HERE: http://www.reading.ac.uk/TheMERL/Whats-On/TheMERL-DigitalTakeover.aspx

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