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ArtLab @ Marden Henge

Adam Stead and Dominique Green were out with ArtLab for the last time this summer showcasing their research and explorations in 3D Scanning and Printing at the place where it all began in 2016, Marden Henge, Wiltshire.

The Neolithic Henge at Marden, which sits in the middle of the Vale of Pewsey between Stone Henge and Avebury has been the prime excavation site for the Archaeology Department from the University of Reading for the last 3 years. In 2016 Adam and Dominique began to explore the landscape of Marden Henge during a week long artist residency as part of the UoR Field School. Supported by ArtLab their proposed joint project set about exploring the possibilities and limitations of the technology by scanning artefacts, finds, trenches and the activities of the archaeological dig. This research and exploration into printing culminated in an artwork in a group show, which opened earlier in July, titled SPOIL HEAP at the Wiltshire Museum, Devizes.

“It was great to be able to come back to the Henge a year later and revisit the trenches we had scanned in 2016 whilst talking with archaeologists and visitors (some we had met the previous year) to discuss our findings and show some of our scans/prints.”


“We really enjoyed the opportunity to update our scan library and make new additions for 2017 as there are now no more planned excavations at Marden for the foreseeable future. It was a great way to finish the project and year-long collaboration with ArtLab.”


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