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Coley Primary School – 17th July

Public art proposals: museum caves, hidden habitats, collective villages and robotic creatures

Our last summer primary school workshop of the year took place at Coley Primary, shortly before everyone broke up for the summer holidays.  The day’s workshop combined littlebits technology, 3d print and many many boxes to explore a diverse range of proposals for public art: from the spaces we encounter objects in, and those we live and want to live in, to a celebration of dance, music, and robotic fantastical creatures with human foibles and modulated voices.

Above: making begins

Above: sharing stories

Visit the Cave: a home for objects!

Pyramid off! The dwelling groups get competitive with pyramidal and ziggurat like architecture.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

A monumental collaborative village is 3d scanned.

A dance about the things we love; cats and friends:


The magical creatures groups invent a whole host of characters; see how they transform littlebits from simple circuits into animated characteristics:

For ArtLab’s UOR student co-research Dominique’s alternative documentation of todays Coley workshop click hereScreen Shot 2017-07-17 at 13.34.44.

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