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ArtLab Summer Schools workshops – 30th June

Kids take over: Superhero duos, new artefact museums, cos play and flashmob bands at Coley Primary school.

When introducing our partner organisation Reading International today, and discussing the spaces where art exists we mentioned the term flashmob in passing.  Coley’s Sound and Weather group ran with this and made ArtLab’s first Flashmob; a band kicked off in the corner in the classroom!

Each workshop after introducing ourselves the ArtLab team introduce our kit; the 3d printer, 4 littlebits kits, 4 themed boxes and a box of making materials.  With the help of the group we set our miniature Miawand Lion printing and open up the littlebits, spending half an hour exploring circuit making and the roles of input, output and power.

Above: exploring the sensitivity of the pressure sensor.

Below: here’s one student testing the glow in the dark pieces.

he artefact themed box contains sawdust and buried with in are a selection of 3d prints.  What are they?  Who are they?  What were they?  What could they be?  Here the group begin to write their interpretations, as archaeologists of the future.

Above:  The sound and weather themed box contains sound recorders, recordable postcards and littlebits synth kits.  Not content with merely making the sounds the group embark on inventing their own instruments, powered and manipulated by this technology.


Above: artefacts invented and inspired by the institution of a museum and the future history lesson performed.

Below: the flash mob arrives:



Above: stories of dwelling

Below: magical creatures – cardboard tec dinosaurs, cos play creatures and bees and a super hero duo adapting their school uniform.


Fragment of a dwelling screen capture:

See Coley’s documentation on the circuit making stage of the workshop here: http://www.coleyprimary.reading.sch.uk/reading-university-partnership/

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