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Reading students prepare for Tate Exchange

With just under a week to go until Tate Exchange BA, MA and Phd student co-researchers     took part in a workshop exploring the potential of green screen and and sketch fab apps, images, video and 3d models generated through previous projects and 3d prints layered together to make quick responsive videos.  Materials including tape and stickers were used to mimic motion capture technology on bodies, space and inanimate (made animate) objects.  We considered how we relate to video and images when they are not made by us, whether this frees our intentions and ties to any percieved stability of meaning.  The resulting videos were densely layered, embracing accident and unforeseen collisions of matter and form; the app enables the maker to respond to an event in the video, instantly make and add new content in reaction.  Below are a series of screen grabs and images from the workshop; more to follow!

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