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Magnificent Micklands Primary launch ArtLab @ Tate Exchange – Tuesday 23rd January 2017

Pupils from Micklands Primary launched our residency at Tate Exchange with bundles of energy, enthusiasm, creativity and exemplary teamwork.  The group went a walk round Tate Modern with ArtLab’s Tina O’Connell before arriving at Tate Exchange floor.

Below follows a photo and 3d model diary of their Tate Exchange complete with their videos.

Paired up, one pupil describes the hand, while the other blindfolded begins to sculpt it

Clay mid making


Team work wrapping objects (and people)

The class are 3d scanned – everyone strikes a pose.


Pink plastic, red uniforms become a greenscreen surface in GreenScreen by Do Ink demo.

Materials waiting for Micklands!

After learning about the greenscreen app, groups nominate roles (camera, costume, editor, performer, prop maker, script writer) and making begins.

Final videos:

Video stills for the archive wall

Final thank you to our co-researchers; Micklands pupils, teachers and TA’s & University of Reading Art students






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