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Christ the King Primary School join Tate Exchange – Thursday 25th January

Today ArtLab @ Tate Exchange welcomed Christ the King Primary who we worked with over four days in the summer of 2017.  After exploring the Materials and Objects rooms at Tate Modern and testing out Superflex’s swings they took part in workshops with Reading artists and fellow co-researchers exploring the senses in sculpture and video projects.  Here is our video diary:

IMG_0283Reading students and Christ the King Pupils prepare to sculpt

En-masse clay sculpting of the face of the one standing in front of you.


Admiring faces; looking at what each other has made.

IMG_0289Building volume in sculpture, blindfolded.


Clay table half way through day 3

Onto wrapping – how can we work together to complete cover the object, transforming it?


3d scanned portrait 2d and 3d:

Group video making begins; making waves, Aliens vs Romans characters

Green screen video art:

Green screen portrait – watch for the objects arriving on screen, they are dwellings made by year 5 & 6 students from Christ the King back in the summer of 2017!  The last 3d model arriving is todays group captured as a 3d model.


3 comments on “Christ the King Primary School join Tate Exchange – Thursday 25th January

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  2. Wow, what a tremendous experience for the children. Thank you Artlab. John Cosgrove, headteacher.


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