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Reading Scholars Verb Sculpture workshop

Today our Reading Scholars considered materials through the lens of Richard Serra’s verb list. Serra’s work proposes a series of actions happening to and with matter, by and with the maker.  Working with everyday low value low fi materials the scholars, mentors and artlab team explored ways of combining stuff to complete, enact or respond to the actions.  We considered whether responding to language in this way would lead us to a unanticipated place with a material. The scholars are interested in studying a diverse range of creative practices including costume, fine art, photography and architecture so they workshop is designed to enable each maker to follow the logic of their enquiry; and the practical tools to make, respond, make, and respond, so in many cases the final object may be the result of multiple processes, which are in fact most active when caught in progress; in the audible, visual or tactile moment.  We considered the role of the document and the photograph as sculpture, looking at Erwin Wurm’s  ‘One minute sculpture’ and Fischli & Weiss’sThe way things went’; framing encounters, testing movements, capturing shadows and noises of unseen objects.

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