Today the ArtLab team, art students and teachers from Reading School of Art, visited  Redlands Primary School just across campus.

Each day, after introducing ourselves and ArtLab, we begin with a small group activity exploring mini museum boxes with fragments of objects and materials in them.  After thoroughly inspecting and testing them (how do they feel, how do they sound, how do they smell?) pupils are asked to develop a story together which involves all of the objects, as they begin to guess and invent functions, origins and names for them.  Todays class clearly relished story writing and would have been happy to embellish their stories all day!  Sharing these with the class became part of the end of day round up of all our creative endeavours.

The future archaeologist group treated their box of 3d prints as fragments of larger wholes; here is a mysterious character invented by one pupil!  Many examined their objects, weaving complex narratives from their form such as the orange deadly cave infested with spiders.


The audio mapping team developed live performances; home made pianos and instruments imagining decadent gatherings and far future car chase dramas come comedy sketches.  They created a range of backdrop soundscapes drawing on their peers skills in piano playing and the chatter of the classroom to suggest the volume of a crowd.  Here is a tiny fragment of one:

These sounds were embellished with live sounds made by their foley artists.

A journey through the banquet teams day:


Image above: LittleBits sound kit in full use


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