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Summer workshops at New Christ Church 29th June; mini museums and a feast of storytelling

The artlab team had an incredible productive day with pupils from New Christ Church Primary in Reading today!  Their pupils were full of energy and had clear love of storytelling, drama and history, producing videos and dramas from their lovely courtyard space for the upper school.


The day began with inventing chimeric stories based on the mystery objects of their mini match box museums, before launching into exploring the animating potential of littlebits to learn about the circuits in our homes and everyday technology.  What happens when we press buttons, what chains of actions do they set off?  What does current technology look and feel like, and how might it look and function in the future?  The team got stuck in to find out!

We saw future archaeologists, film makers, tv presenters and a subversive hierarchy of of a future monarchy investigate.  Here are some of the high lights of the teams’ day –  creations which turned overlooked materials into imaginative props.

Yellow team consider time capsules of the past present and future:


Pink banquet team present their findings:

Blue missing object team go in search of the missing museum object:

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