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ArtLab Summer School Day 8- Alfred Sutton Primary School Year 5

Today year 5 Falcon class from Alfred Sutton Primary School came to visit ArtLab at University of Reading Art Department.

After an initial introduction to the day from Wendy the class was split into their groups for the day and headed through the department to begin their first activity of the day.

I worked with the ‘Red’ group and we began the day with the ‘Selfie Sphere’, in which the group make their own masks to wear while they take photos using 360 technology. The group made some creative and imaginative masks including square faces, faces with multi-coloured hair and even a green insect cartoon! The group then enjoyed experimenting with taking and curating images on the 360 GoPro cameras.

After a break outside we began our second workshop, ‘Making Moves’. In this the group split into two smaller groups to make a scene on the overhead projectors. The girls made a topical image, depicting the damage plastic in our waters can do to fish. The boys decided to focus on space, and created a scene complete with a rocket and alien! We then introduced the group to the Qlone App on the iPads and in pairs they made scans of 3D models. Two girls in this group made an incredibly realistic scan of a water bottle, which they were then able to make appear human size in AR!

After a well-deserved lunch break the group came back together for the final activity of the day ‘Listen and Draw’. Listening to various clips of sound art and songs on the headphones the group were able to draw on the floor and walls as they danced to the sounds they heard.

After a group photo outside of the whole class wearing their masks we said goodbye to Falcon class and hope they enjoyed their day at ArtLab.


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