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ArtLab – Whiteknight’s Primary School – 19th July 2019

ArtLab were joined by Whiteknight’s primary school today. Together we learnt about a range of different art media, turning 2D projected stories into 3D sculptures into 3D digital scans. Our co-researchers used the Qlone App to scan in their sculptures and create their own augmented reality, placing their digital objects in the room.

Students and class helpers thought about different ways we can record ourselves. At the end, this came together to form a 3-sixty image of everyone standing in a circle wearing their selfie portraits. We thought talked about identity and thought about how we could incorporate out likes and dislikes, hobbies, favourite colours into our portraits. What would you draw?

Our third activity was an immersive silent disco, listening to sound art pieces created by some of the university’s art students. Here the students were challenged to think about how sound could be transferred into mark making. What does a load scraping sound look like or the boiling of a kettle? Descriptive tracks led to more representative drawings of objects, whilst more sound-based pieces led to loose swirls, dots, zig-zags and waves.

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