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Shock! ArtLab’s 3D Twinning Project – Our Enquiry Question for 2023

In an ever seemingly traumatic world, how can we use art and technology as tools for our young people?

We continue to explore connections between technology and how this can be used creatively to communicate ideas and encourage members of our community to get involved with the arts and education.

Basing our enquiry on a ‘Mantle of the Expert‘ approach, we are investigating how to exchange thoughts, feeling and experiences digitally. Taking fragments of stories, images and objects from one location to the next and responding to ‘feed back’ loops generated in between.

Cookie Time!

A great example of this approach has been explored with The Abbey school in Reading. With the help of the Senior Art Department staff and their 3D printer, the early year’s children at the school designed their own cookie cutter shapes.

These were then digitised and modelled on the computer to create actual 3d printed cookie cutters! These cookie cutters will be used to create sharable cookies.

We will be posting details as the project develops.

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