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Wilson and The Abbey Story Stars Visit

We have started our Story Stars project with visits to Wilson Primary School and The Abbey Junior School in Reading, Berkshire. Here we find out what the students thought of the activities and show some of the amazing results!

Today, Year 5 and Year 6 took part in a Story Stars workshop. We started the morning by creating an art journey; we collaborated to create images and drawings based on a story! We also had help from older students in Year 7 and 8 – it was lovely to see familiar faces. 

Our Journey!

During the afternoon, we selected our favourite elements from our drawings in the morning session and created story plans. From here we developed our ideas from paper to clay models. The air dry modelling clay was soft and easy to manipulate. 

One of our Story Stars Scanned!

It was brilliant to see so many funny, bright characters coming to life. We were also challenged to create origami boxes for our characters to live in. 

Jon Lockhart is going to use the scans of our clay models to produce 3D printed versions.

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