Animate Your Home

Art students explore the world of the home, and the everyday things we have at our finger tips through stop frame animation to tell creative mini stories and inspire yours!

Scroll down the page to watch the animations released so far, read the brief, see what you need, watch tutorials and student reviews of a free app.

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If you would like to participate in ArtLab’s Animate Your Home project you will need the following tools;

  • A digital camera or smartphone

If you have access to an Apple Computer/smart phone you can download a free piece of software called Stop Motion Studio here:

Here is a tutorial on using the app;

This is what the artists who made the videos below are using.  There are also a few PC and Windows options but these cost some money, so we’ve explored the free one, without paying for any upgrades.  If you are not able to download this software, there are many free animation apps available to download to your smartphone.

  • Some props! Which can be anything at all you have to hand – an ironing board, toys, a chair, a cardboard box… we will make magic happen with all these!
  • A patient adult/sibling who will help you out completing the animation!
  • If you have access to a tripod or a selfie stick that you can attach your camera to then all the better.  Or try propping it on a shelf, using blue tack to secure it!


ArtLab’s co-reasearcher Tehya, maker of ‘Even in Tarmac Flowers Grow’ (below) reviews the stop motion app and has some handy tips from her research and experiments.

Watch the videos below to inspire you own stop frames!  More are coming soon!

Week 1

‘What inspires me?’ voice over;