Inspired by animatronics our Kidtronic videos are puppets you can make at home with everyday materials like cardboard and elastic bands! Animatronic are puppets and mechanical creatures powered by radio controlled motors or people pulling levers – think Jurassic Park, E.T. or The Muppets.  Learn about different mechanisms, create movement and expressions to tell your stories! 

Week 6

In part 2 we construct the face, fit the mechanism and wonder about creating character. What can yours be?

Week 5

In part 1 we learn about jaw mechanisms, herbivores, cut out and assemble our mechanism. Part 2 will involve cutting out creatures face and features, and getting them chatting!

Week 4

In part 2 we make the cable mechanism, get it secured and reconstruct the box into a working creature ready for decoration!

Week 3

Part 1 of eyes animatronic; prepare pieces, learn principals and start constructing. Part 2 coming next week; make the cable mechanism, moving pupils, reconstruction and decoration time!

Week 2

Part 2 of the build; making joints, getting your creature creation moving, pull mechanism for jaw and bringing it alive through decoration

Week 1

Part 1 of the build, learn about actions, draw and cut out pieces and prepare for assembly of Chatty Kidtronic