Time Travel 360

Time Travel 360 A virtual exhibition at The MERL by ArtLab Student Co-researchers 2020

Garden: Lennox Bruwer, Jennifer Starnes, Or Yahav Williams. Cafe: Jessica Choi, Antonia Stanley. Four Season Forest Space: Fajar Kayani, Khadija Niang. Sheep Gallery: Cerys Cartwright, Tehya Connery, Cerys Griffiths.

In contemporary discourse, the concept of time travel as depicted in films or books is often associated with the quick, often abrupt visits through the axis of past and future. However, what happens when the reality forces us to slow down? This is the reality of time travel during COVID-19 pandemic, a time that can only be described as slowed down, almost to the point of stopping altogether. In this reality artists are sought to redefine their practice and the museum seeks alternative ways for displaying artworks.