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Tate Modern – Tate Exchange 2019

ArtLab@Tate Exchange 2019

IMG_0387‘Kid, you’ll move mountains! Today is your day! Your mountain is waiting. So get on your way!’ – Dr Suess

March 2019 – ArtLab arrives at Tate Exchange for another set of awesome tech-based art adventures; Sharing the exceptional potential of art with our young teams of Reading based co-researchers.

On arrival, there were shouts of; ‘WOW!’, ‘Awesome!’ and ‘Look at that over there, a giant shiny ball!’ Our invited young artists were wide eyed with wonder at what had been prepared for them;

Dance-drawing to silent disco audio works, creating selfies with a 360degree camera and re-enacting their favourite sculptures whilst being 3D scanned. These momentous events were just a mere taste of what was in store for our guests.

Our intrepid crews sketched self-portraits using a huge chrome ball as their mirror, used light to draw in space, toured gallery after gallery of epic modern art and harnessed the creative energy of a ‘pixel sick’!

Tate Modern was buzzing with excitement and possibility. Our co-researchers dived into making and creating, taking ownership of the space and realizing that this is their gallery. Reading University students and staff were wondrously accommodating and the school groups and public visitors were all fully engaged.

There were I’m sure some stunning new memories created, and our school groups from Reading have written another chapter in the ArtLab creative tech handbook; The next page is yours!






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