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Meadow Park rock 360 Selfies and make their moves

On the 1st March pupils from Meadow Park Primary Reading visited ArtLab @ Tate Exchange. Here are some images from their day; drawing with light and pixel sticks, drawing 360 selfies, Making moves by enacting sculptures and being 3d scanned, and Listening + Drawing to sound works made by first year drawing module pupils from Reading School of Art.

Click to check out the library of scans from Micklands and Meadow Park’s pupils sculptures

To listen, and draw in response, to the audio works produced by our art students visit our soundcloud playlist: https://soundcloud.com/artlab-r-i/sets/tate-exchange-listen-draw

To learn a more about the activities pupils got up to reading Jon’s report here: https://readingartlab.com/2019/04/07/tate-modern-tate-exchange-2019/

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