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Life on Mars; what did we explore?

Talk from James Gilmore (PHD candidate in Meteorology, University of Reading): can we survive on mars? The race to colonise other planets.

Following on from Jon’s intrepid trip report, heres a few more mission details and images from our creative exploration of Mars.  To see our final films and experience our soundtracks to mars click here.

Talk from James Gilmore (PHD candidate in Meteorology, University of Reading):

Can we survive on mars; the race to colonise other planets.

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Above: A selection of slides from James’ talk.

DSC04849Maiden Erlegh co-researcher Missions:

Mars Rovers: Part 1:

  • Mission: Imagine its 2025: Manned Mars Missions are immanent. You are designing Rovers to touch down on Mars.
    • What do we need?
    • How do we move?
    • What technology do we have?
    • How do we interact with the surface of Mars through the instruments of the rover? How do we see its surface, detect its dangers?
    • Use LittleBits to adapt cars/diggers

Part 2:

  • Mission: Make a 60 second one-take Gopro exploration of a Mars-like surface
    • What if you saw a new world through a camera; a surface you can’t touch? Imagine this journey
    • Use strings/ adapted cars & diggers/ lights/ projection/plastic filter/ sand to make a surface & a journey across
    • Think about interference, narrative, sun glare, how the gopro moves on digger, in hands, etc

The sound of Mars:

  •    Mission:  So, where to next? What does sound feel like on Mars?
    • Listen to Katies sound piece – close eyes
    • How does sound affect your body?
    • Draw a score to it – how does it resonate, vibrate..
    • Make a sound track for 60 seconds on Mars, using littleBits synth, keyboards, recordable postcards, audio recorders and mixing decks.
    • Trigger questions: If objects are without gravity, where does sound come from? If you heard nothing, what would you begin to hear?  If you made a soundtrack to your emotions…

What would it be like if … Live relay station:

  • Mission: Imagine you are travelling to Mars. What would it be like to believe you are not coming back?  Make a 60 second performance/video imagining..
    • Were do I/we belong?
    • The physiological effects on humans: isolation, home sickness, mixed with excitement about the new and unknown.
    • What would you say in a 60 second message/ video diary/ speak to the camera/ time capsule?

Building an archive: Stellar co-researchers take a pose:

Scanning with Dominique and Adam, ArtLab core searchers and recent School of Art BA & MA graduates

3D Scans:

A resource for future projects; year 8 captured in a day in time

Can these digital realms be another material for making?


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