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Day 2 – New Christ Church Year 5 19th June by Naffy Williams

For my first day at the Artlab teaching summer school I took on the role to mentor the blue team and take part in being the photographer for the day. Photographing the students and teachers taking part in the activities me and my co-workers put together. 

To begin, we gave them a tour of the studio and gave them a chance to answer and ask a bunch of questions or express interest to do with art. Wendy put them into three groups with three sets of colours, as mentioned previously I mentored and took care of the blue team. 

Our first activity was art with audio. This was an activity where the children were given a chance to explore various colours and draw what they heard exploring audio art. Working with Charlotte we introduced the activity and allowed the children’s minds to give way to thought and just express. 

Our second activity of the day was creating objects that you could project onto the wall to see the outcome. In my opinion I feel the kids enjoyed this activity a lot more as you could look at it as two activities in one. We also got the kids to recreate their objects that they made through the grid method. This gave them the opportunity to resize their image change colour and ect. 

The day was shortly coming to an end and we moved onto our final and last activity. This activity was with the sphere in the centre of the room with the equipment of a go pro camera (360). The kids were given a chance to express themselves through drawing firstly. Some stayed to realism and others drew characters from either films or cartoons either way the outcome was brilliant. Pinning the paper together to make a rounded connected shape to fit around the heads of the children. Sitting down and standing up we were able to capture some amazing images that truly worked well and captured the aim of the activity. For my first day I loved it and enjoyed it so much the kids were such a joy and the teaching was also. 

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